Hello, and welcome to Side Money Guide! My name is Paul Baris and I want this blog to be your guide to everything you need to know about getting some legit extra sources of income.

I decided to start this blog because of my own personal journey as a freelancer. In this career, it is usually feast or famine. It’s either I get a good client whose business will keep me coasting on for a couple of months, or a couple of months will go by and I get no contracts from new clients. That’s when my savings get a serious beating from everyday expenses.

To make up for those lean months, I’ve decided to do what I call “side hustles”. These are my fallback methods of earning some money on the side, usually via online means. And if you’re the same, you and I are in good company! Today, over 40 million Americans (and I’m sure, more than double that number all over the world) have side hustles on top of their full-time jobs. So you see, it isn’t such an extraordinary or strange thing to do nowadays.

It isn’t hard to start earning some extra income, but I do admit to not getting the entire side money earning process right the first time I tried it. Boy, did I make a lot of mistakes! One of the biggest ones was investing in a sideline career by way of expensive office equipment – so yeah, I ended up being in debt and having to work double just to pay those purchases off. Another is neglecting my main work because I got too into my side hustles (which paid just a fraction of what I typically earn).

I guess what I’m saying is: it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes. However, if there’s a chance to forewarn you of those mistakes, then why not do it, right? That’s what I intend to do with this humble blog of mine. I want to share my experiences and give practical advice at the same time.

I personally believe that we can do with more experience-sharing, especially when it comes to being financially responsible. Hopefully, I can also get feedback from you, my reader, so we can have a dialogue about successful approaches to side hustles. So feel free to leave a comment, critique, or just say hi to me the next time you drop by my Side Money Guide blog.

‘Til then, and always do the hustle!